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100 Egyptian Cotton Towels

It’s not everyday a man in a black suit, black sunglasses and a black hat walks into your dry cleaning store and demands that the 100 Egyptian Cotton Towels he claims to have dropped off the previous day be handed over to him immediately.

It’s even less often that a man such as this demands an item such as these, when in fact he never dropped them off in the first place. The store owner, obviously caught off guard, wasn’t quite sure how to approach the situation. The man was obviously an agent in some shadowy government entity, and was most likely armed, not to mention the store owner made it a priority to always meet his customers demands. Knowing the man never in fact dropped the 100 Egyptian Cotton Towels the day before as he insisted he had, the store owner was in a precarious situation.

If he refused to acknowledge the Government Man’s certainty of his previous visit he risked what were sure to be serious consequences, though if agreed to deliver the requested items (which he did not have) he would be lying to a customer, something he swore he would never do. As he mulled over his options, the Government Man impatiently checking his watch, and pacing the floor in front of the counter, a second man walked into the store. Like the first man, he was dressed in a black suit, wearing black sunglasses and a black hat. In a more sinister voice than the man before him, he also demanded the store owner hand over his 100 Egyptian Cotton Towels.

At this point the store owner wasn’t sure if he was more confused or alarmed at the strange occurrence he had unwillingly become a part of. As the sweat on his brow began to drip down his face, the store owner excused himself briefly, and walked into the back room. As he walked past the mirror on the wall, he happened to glance at his reflection; what he saw stopped him dead in his tracks. Staring back at him through the mirror wasn’t the worn and wrinkled mug, that hadn’t been shaved in more than a few days, that he was expecting. Instead, the reflection he was locking eyes with in the mirror was that of a man in a black suit, wearing black sunglasses and a black hat. Neatly folded and pressed in his arms were 100 Egyptian Cotton Towels.


Though utterly shocked at the strange happenings of the last few minutes of his life, the store owner almost instinctually knew what to do. This was his opportunity to rid himself of the strange men waiting in the store front. He had the towels, how he wasn’t sure, though at this point it didn’t matter much to him. As he began walking back to the front of the store, stack of towels in hand, he felt the ground begin to disappear under his feet. Soon he was falling into an abyss! Faster and faster he fell, screaming for his life with towels flying all around him. As quickly as he had lost his footing and fell, time stopped. He was suddenly lying in bed, staring up at his wife face.

Relieved to be home and warm in his bed, comforted by the knowledge that his scary encounter was just a dream, he heard his wife begin to speak. She said to him, “You better have brought home the 100 Egyptian Cotton Towels that I asked you to get for the event I am hosting this evening.”

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