the Brand

Knightsbridge furnishing Limited is a company that was started by textile professionals from a family that brings together 64 years of experience in home-furnishings and related products. We come from various sectors within home textiles but combine to offer the complete home textile package.
We offer products direct from our factory with advanced technologies of designing to showcase Pakistan and Chinas’ finest heritage and unmatched workmanship through our exclusive product range.

Knightsbridge furnishing Limited is an easy-to-use comparison shopping tool that makes it simple to find the right product at the right price.

We here at Knightsbridge Furnishing Ltd manufacture, import and distribute top quality home textiles. We are a British company having our own manufacturing units in the Pakistan, China . We cherish strong social and family values but at the same time have a global vision and management style. This allows us to provide uncompromising product quality and five star service to our customers whilst keeping our prices most competitive.

Knightsbridge has been traditionally a supplier to department stores and top hotels but now sells directly to the public. In the year 2015, we launched a new version of our website with improved design and functionality to help give the best possible easy-to-use solution for our customers to purchase from our ever growing range of products, and also to take our growing business to the next level.

The Philosophy of Knightsbridge rests on quality. Our aim is to provide you

“Department Store Quality – Direct from the Manufacturer” .

Knightsbridge, with strong emphasis on quality has become one of most reliable online retailer in the UK of Towels, bed linen, kitchen linen and soft furnishings. Knightsbridge customer base of many hundred thousand households spans the UK, entire European continent and is now expanding into the USA and huge emerging markets like Middleeast.

Knightsbridge was set up in the UK in the year 2015, however the group has been in the business of Home furnishings for 64 years. Started as a manufacturer of home textiles, it grew on to become a supplier to department stores and well known designers. The customer base ranged from department stores in USA to higher end boutique designers in Europe and super markets in the Europe. In the UK, the group has been supplying to many well known high street names and department stores.

Since the year 2015, Knightsbridge products are available directly to the public through the medium of online sales and mail order catalogue. Customers can also see and buy products from the warehouse showroom and outlet. Hundreds of thousands of British households have experienced Knightsbridge products and enjoyed the high level of our quality. You can see the exceptional reviews on many online sales platforms (like ebay,Amazon), where customers have left sincere and heartfelt reviews on the quality of our products and service. This is just a result of our exceptional emphasis on quality of products and service.

With our philosophy of bringing ” Department Store Quality – Direct from the Manufacturer”, we strive to give you the best always and are hugely successful in doing that, as we manufacturer a huge majority of what we sell. We deal only in quality products and believe in the quality of service and relationships. We sincerely believe that a happy crew and happy suppliers lead to happy customers and eventually a healthy business. The so called “old fashioned good service”, will never go out of fashion at Knightsbridge, for we love to provide the best to our customers.

Our mission is

To build the best place for people to buy online — with great prices, a huge range and free shipping on every order.

We will do this by building a high quality store that is convenient, easy-to-use, has a huge selection and excellent service.