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Bathrobes For Women

Bathrobes made specifically for women range from basic, white terrycloth robes, to luxurious and expensive silk robes with gold embossing and even the inclusion of precious stones like diamonds and rubies. What kind of bathrobe a woman chooses to buy will depend on the amount of money she wants to spend, and her personal style preference. There are a variety of materials used to make bathrobes for women, as well as multiple methods of construction and defined styles.

The most common bathrobes for women are constructed using terry cloth which is made from cotton. Cotton is a material that is suited well to hot climates because of its natural moisture absorbing properties. It is also very soft to the touch, making for a comfortable and cool wearing experience.

Another material that often used when making bathrobes for women is silk. Silk is a very fine material that has a natural luster (shine) to it. Silk has long been used in Asian countries, as the threads used when spinning silk are actually secretions of a worm, known as the silk worm. The finished product that results from the spinning of the silk worms secretions into silk, is a strong and flexible material. It has been highly regarded in many cultures since traders first brought the material back from Asia centuries along what is commonly referred to as the “silk road,” centuries ago. Silk bathrobes for women are some of the most expensive examples of bathrobes available. In contrast to silk, another material that is used to make bathrobes is wool. Wool comes from the sheared coats of sheep, and is a very heavy and warm material. It is also very course and can cause itching. Microfiber has been used to make bathrobes for women, as it is a material that feels very much like the more expensive silk, even sharing some of the same smooth feeling properties. Microfiber is a synthetic material (manmade), and though it was though of as a less expensive alternative to silk, microfiber is flammable, making it a poor choice for clothing. Nylon is another synthetic material used to make bathrobes for women. Because the fibers used to spin the material are manmade and do not require the appropriation of the delicate and rare silk worm, it is a popular alternative. It is also durable and easy to clean.


Another category that defines bathrobes for women is the style of weave used in production. Flannel has long been a popular style of weave as it is very soft and comfortable. Terry cloth, a looped weave that is made of cotton is likely the most popular style as it absorbs water well and is therefore well suited for bathrobes. A waffle weave is also a popular weave style when making bathrobes for women, as it has a distinctive grid like appearance, and can be applied to any of the aforementioned materials, including cotton, silk, microfiber, and nylon. There are many choices available when choosing a bathrobe for women, with the proper research you will find the best one for you.

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