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Belledorm Bed Linen

A significant name in the bed linen industry of UK, Belledorm has been producing bedding products by carefully designing them and sourcing the fine bedding materials all across the globe including Egypt, China, Turkey, and even Pakistan. They have a reputation of dispatching their products to their clients and customers on a daily basis. The expert and experienced team of professionals have undergone a fine tuning and constant monitoring to supply the best possible service maintaining the high class and standard of the wholesale and concession outlets all across UK, Ireland and abroad.

The Belledorm Egyptian cotton:

Egyptian cotton is undoubtedly the best cotton fiber that can be used for bedding products. The appropriate weaving of the Egyptian cotton into a high caliber and standard bed linen provides with an unparallel experience of softness and comfort that is one exclusive advantage of it. The expert and experiences manufacturer’s team of Belle Dorm hand picks the quality Egyptian cotton by understanding the fine line of difference between the staples of Egyptian cotton ranging from ½ to 2/4 inches and that of the Pakistani cotton which are half when compared by length. There is an extensive process involved in Belle Dorm in the manufacturing of the bed linens.


The fine handpicked raw material of the bedding product first undergoes the process the combing before removing the impurities and the negligibly short fibers which are not required to achieve the softness and shine of the end product.


This process involves the stretching and contracting of the woven piece of material whose length and width are fixed before the material undergoes the process of cutting and reduction of the shrinkage.


In this process, the chemical structure of the cotton fiber is altered and treated. At the end of this process, the fiber looks more lustrous in appearance.


This process yields a smooth uniform surface on the cloth after putting it through heat flames and brushes.

Piling treatment:

At the end of the process, the Egyptian cloth is treated with a specific chemical agent that prevents the piling of the clothing.


The Belledorm Egyptian cotton is exclusive in a way that all of it is authentic Egyptian cotton and comes with the official Egyptian kite logo. The cotton linens of Belledorm which they import are testified as the superior quality bedding products. One reason behind it is that the company is in conjunction with one of the greatest sophisticated and elegant mills of Egypt. The mills produce high quality bed linens with the purpose of using them in luxury and five star hotels. So the competition pushes the limits of the Belledorm Company and yields high standard and quality products.

However, Belledorm produces bed linens which are made of non iron poly cotton percale and not Egyptian cotton exclusive. These bed linens aim those buyers who do not have an eye for maintaining or ironing their bed sheets. So no matter what requirements you have, Belle Dorm has an option to offer on every occasion.

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