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Butterfly Pillow

Neck and back pain have plagued people from all walks of life for as long as history has been recorded. Often the way we sleep can affect how we feel the next day, especially for those people who are prone to neck and back problems. Often when people are asleep long periods of time can pass with their bodies in awkward positions, depending on how sound of a sleeper the person is.

Up until recently most people all slept on similar pillows. There were not many options available regarding pillows, and it was thought as long as a pillow was soft it was good. Experts are now claiming that a soft cervical pillow is not always the best option. In fact, they may be the cause of many people’s body pains during the day. Thankfully there is now a new kind of pillow available for people prone to neck and back pain to use. It is called a butterfly pillow, the name reminiscent of the shape which looks like a butterfly with its wings spread wide. They are also sometimes referred to as hour glass pillows. The design of the butterfly pillow allows for more support in the right areas while sleeping. While traditional soft flimsy pillows allow your head to move without restriction while you are sleeping, sometimes causing those awkward positions spoke about earlier, the butterfly pillow will keep your head in the right position. Along with being said to greatly reduce neck and back pain, this pillow is said to help with other ailments that can arise from sleeping in the wrong position. For example, many people wake up with a headache that cannot be explained. These headaches are often a result of what is called referred pain. Referred pain is a type of pain that occurs in another part of the body than what is actually being affected. This is possible because of how our nerves work in our bodies, that carry the pain signals to our brains. In other words, the same sleeping positions that cause neck and back pain, resulting from regular pillows allowing our heads to move about in our sleep, can also cause headaches. The butterfly pillow is said to greatly reduce these type of headaches, along with the other types of pain that are commonly associated with sleeping.


Where Do I Get A Butterfly Pillow?

Butterfly pillows can be purchased either at your local sleep store, or possibly more easily at an online retailer. Just like a regular pillow, butterfly pillows can be bought in a variety of sizes, colors, designs and materials. It is easy to know what type of material the butterfly pillow is made with, as the law requires these materials to be listed on the tag sewn to the pillow. This is because many people have allergies to organic materials, and if they were to accidentally sleep on a pillow that included these allergens, they could end up having a medical emergency. A simple Google search will help you find the best place to buy your butterfly pillow.

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