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To keep your bedroom linen and in good condition even after prolonged use, it is necessary to follow some washing tips. Careful washing will make sure that you fabrics, bed covers and towels do not lose their texture or shine with time. You can manage with some great washing tips to make sure that your bedding and linen last for a longer period.

  1. Egyptian cotton bed sheets and bed covers should be washed at 40 degree centigrade and tumble dried for best results. The best time to iron the fabrics is when it is still damp. You can also drip dry the bed sheets or table linen as it will result in minimum crease and least amount of damage to the fabric. It is not advisable Egyptian cotton bed linens or Discount Bed Linen with other fibers such as acrylic or poly/cotton fabrics as that may lead to piling of the cotton fibers. Do not wash the linens with other brightly colored fabrics as it may stain your linen in a permanent manner.
  1. The poly-cotton and blended bedding and linen should be washed at 30 degree centigrade and given a tumble dry with cooling down period to optimize the conditions well. After the drying period is over, bring out the sheets and covers quickly and iron them down when they are still a little moist. Te moisture will help you in ironing the fabric even at high temperature and lock the sheen and luster of the sheets that you have washed and ironed. While washing take special care that fibers of various types and fabrics of different colors do not end up getting washed together. It is best if you wash the bedding items separately.
  1. Always follow the washing instructions given in the label to make sure that they are washed and cared for in the best possible manner. The instructions provided by the company are given, taking in to consideration the quality of the fabric and in what ways the sheen and luster of the fabric can be preserved. Do not ignore the washing instruction of the Discount Bed Linen and sheets bought from shopping malls and online websites as it may lead to the spoiling of the fabric, which will not be guaranteed or exchanged by the company. To save all the trouble and make sure your bedding stays good for long, you can follow their instructions and tips.


  1. Washing of bathroom robes and towels in an optimal manner is also very important. Since the towels and robes are very roughly handled they may lose their softness and comfort after a certain period of time. It is a must that you never dry clean your robes and towels. If fabric conditioners are used, they should be used in a very limited quantity as they can reduce the absorbing potential of the towels and robes.
  1. You can dry your towels and robes with two dryer balls in the drying machine to make them soft and fluffy. Detergents should be used minimally as the harshness of the soda can reduce the softness of the fabrics.

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