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Duvet Sets UK

Ah, duvets. Sleep could be so much more enticing with a duvet spread on the bed. Until you remember the price you paid for that absolutely divine cover.

Yes, admittedly, duvet sets UK can really be pricey. But all you really need is patience for the promotions to go out and then you can splurge on indulging on these sweet treats for your eyes and welcome feast for your bodies. But I still suggest investing on at least some duvet sets because one, the duvet cover absolutely protects your duvet from wear and tear. This means your duvet can go for ten years without even having to replace it. Second, duvet sets are an easy way to change the look or theme of a bedroom without even having to redecorate the rest of the sleeping quarters.

Like bed linens and pillow cases, duvet covers can be checked for quality and softness via thread count (TC). The thread count for duvets range from 100 to 1000, or even higher. A basic high-quality duvet would have at least 300TC. If you want softer duvets, look for ones with a higher thread count.

Guaranteed to keep you warm especially during the winter, one of the best excuses, not to mention causes of staying in bed is when you are tucked underneath a really nice duvet. Instead of piling up on a number of toppers and comforters, do yourself a favor and get a duvet set to dress up your bed and at least just spend time squeezing in the duvet inside the cover. At least you only get time to fix this on top of the fitted sheet instead of layering sheets one by one.

This being said, duvet covers have a variety of ways on how to be fastened. These could have buttons, snaps, hook & loop, ties, zippers or fasteners. I know how most complain about having to fix the duvets basically because it could be so tiring just squeezing it flat inside the cover. That is why it is therefore important that before buying, you have already made sure you will be comfortable in using the duvet along with the changing and washing every few weeks. Though a very simple hack would just be to turn the duvet cover inside out, place one end of the comforter and then pull up the duvet cover over the comforter while turning it right-side out.


In choosing the design, you can invest on solid colors so you can just dress up cheaper bed add-ons such as throws and other blankets, or even pillowcases or opt for a design which you consider to-die-for. Whatever the case, choose one which you really love because I guarantee that mornings will just put a smile on your face just by waking up to a really snug, comfortable and lovely-looking duvet hugging you.

Tips for maintaining and caring for duvet sets is the same as washing and caring for bed linens. Water under less than 30 or 40 degrees is recommended and color-care detergents are advised to ensure the colors are preserved even when the sheets are supposedly long-worn.

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