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How to measure curtains

Curtains are the items that are used to decorate your room as well as home. These are used to cover the windows and to protect the room from sunlight.

Curtains are available in different styles and sizes. These stunning curtains are presented wide variety of diverse colors and fancy designs; these are formed to make you feel very special and different. These products have soft and soothing touches in their composition. It gives the heart touching look to your personality. It is very true to say that the fame of curtains is increasing day by day all over the world. These curtains have wide range of shoes with diversity of style and designs. It is becoming the trendy and the essential part of the home. The majority of the ladies want to know how to measure the curtains.

Way to measure the curtains:

There are the ways of measuring the curtains of various styles that are given as under. It will guide you how to measure the curtains.

First, you need to fit a pole or track of your window for measure curtains. Then you should decide which type of curtain you want. There is measurement of curtain given below.

Width of the curtain:

For measuring, take steel tape instead of plastic or fabric tape. Steel tape gives you accurate measurement.

Pencil pleat curtains:

For pencil pleat measurement, note the width of pole or your window track. Window track should be adjusting about 15cm above the window and wider 15-20cm on both side of the window. For pencil pleat double width should be measured i.e. width multiply by 2.


It has the same way of the measurement same as pencil pleat. It will let you know how to measure the curtains.

Tab top:

It will measured from pole, width multiply by 1.5

Length of curtain:

First, you should decide which length you want. Rather you like the drop of curtain to sill length or want to drop to floor.

Sill length:

Sill length curtains means if you want equal to your windowsill. It approximately becomes 1.25 cm above your windowsill.

Below sill:

It ends on about 15cm below your windowsill.

Floor length:

It is full-length curtain and looks elegant. It ends is 1.25cm above the floor.

There are ready-made curtains available in the market but they have limited sizes. You can make them in home as your requirements.

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