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Anyone out there shopping around for a bedding set has a lot of questions in mind.  But you will be amazed with the options of bedding sheets and fabrics available in the market nowadays. As you come along various shops, you will discover our Next king of cotton beddings from the factory and you will surely be amazed with the available sizes and designs to choose from.

Different kinds of beddings

  1. Bamboo

Bamboo is now in the bed scene, it is made up of bamboo pulp grass. This kind of fabric is very resistant to bacteria and it is also known as hypo-allergenic. This is best for kids and for adults with allergies. This is a good alternative to organic cotton, because bamboo tends to grow easily, without the need for too much water. Beddings from bamboo are also silky and soft.

  1. Cotton

This is a very famous fabric and it is also considered as one of the best for all season fiber. It is one of the most salable type of fabric, especially at summer time when people want a cooler sheet for a comfy sleep. The cotton fabric will keep your body’s moisture away from your skin. Next offers you variety of bed sheets in cotton fibers suited for the size of your bed.

  1. Cotton blend

Cotton and polyester are the best combination of cotton blend. It is a mixture of natural cotton with synthetic fibers. Blended sheets are sturdier than synthetic fibers, but they tend to wear out faster than sheets made up of 100% cotton. Since polyester is not a breathable kind of fabric sheets, it may be warmer compared to cotton, especially during the hot months.

  1. Egyptian cotton

This is also known as the Queen of the Nile, since it grows around the Nile River. It is known for its ideal cotton climate conditions, capacity to come up with top quality cotton. The absorbency of this fabric is very high and the cotton is very sturdy and breathable. It is also known for its silky feel and long fiber staple.

  1. Flannel

This is a quite heavy fabric made up of twill weave, but it is very soft. It is made up of cotton materials with a napped finish on the sides. The napping is a method of brushing that provides a raised surface and very cottony soft appearance with a very convenient feel. This material is best during winter months to keep you warm. A lot of times it is also used by mothers on cribs as sheets for babies.

The next time you plan to buy a set of sheet, you should consider High Living, because they have the king of cotton beddings from their shop for you in more than 800 thread count sheet set. They made sure that their sheets are of the highest quality. You can wait for the Next big sale if you want the best sheets at an affordable rate. You will surely come across a perfect set that will fit into your needs and budget at the same time.

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