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Ladies Toweling Dressing Gowns

In the UK ladies garments, specifically night dressing, items like a gown and even socks are sometimes referred to as toweling. The terms toweling bathrobe and toweling socks are commonly used to describe certain types of ladies dressing. Toweling makes reference to a certain type of material, usually a soft, thick material that is absorbent. Often ladies toweling dressing garments will be made from a textile called terry cloth. Terry cloth is a textile often made from cotton, that is spun on a loom. The finished product has what looks like small loops forming in the spun yarn, and it is these loops that define the best use for the type of toweling.

The longer the loops, the more water absorbent it is. These water absorbent loops make ladies toweling garments such as night dressing gowns and bathrobes very practical in their intended use. Ladies often prefer the toweling material in their dressing and gowns because of the soft feel and attractive look that the specifically designed material offers.

Ladies toweling dressing gowns and other garments are offered in many different styles, colors and sizes. There are a variety of websites that offer a selection of ladies toweling socks for example. The toweling socks are unique because of the soft, thick and absorbent  material from which they are made. These socks can be purchased in a variety of styles from knee high, ankle, calf height, and more. Along with the style pertaining to size, these socks offer many fashion specific styles to suit any ladies preference. From embossed designs, to glittery patterns and even buttons sewn on to the socks are all different types that can be found. Ladies toweling garments include more than just socks keep in mind. Toweling dressing gowns and robes can also be found in a variety of styles, colors and designs.


The most popular type of ladies toweling dressing gowns are those specifically made to be worn at home in the evening or after a bath. This is again because of the soft to skin feeling and water absorbent qualities the toweling material offers. Just because these garments are designed to be worn at home in private does not mean they can’t be fashion forward though. Many companies are designing ladies toweling dressing gowns that resemble the look of sought after high fashion brands. For example, certain websites that specialize in these garments will often allow people to place special orders, meaning the item will be specifically designed for the individual placing the order. This is very attractive to many because it allows for in-between sizes and hard to find colors to be appropriated by the consumer. As mentioned the majority of ladies toweling garments are made from terry cloth, indicating that cotton is the primary if not exclusive material used in the construction. If you prefer to not have cotton toweling garments due to allergies or personal style, there are synthetic materials available as well for sale at most retailers.

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