Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheets



The best and the most common fitted sheets are those which are made from 100% pure Egyptian cotton and polyester. So, you should must use our poly cotton fitted sheet that you can use all year round in any weather. Another thing that you must be take into consideration is thread count. Thread count matters a lot in the quality of a fabric higher the thread counts better the quality of the fabric. And also it must be kept in mind that whenever you are looking for fitted sheet then make sure to get the fitted sheet with 180 thread counts. So, our high living T-180 poly cotton fitted sheets are the best choice for dressing up your bedding item in a decent way. The long staple yarn of Egyptian cotton fibre gives this simple bed linen a smooth hand feeling.

Our percale fitted sheets will bring a high living luxurious feel to your bedding. Percale is a fine weave with a minimum of 180 threads per square inch, gives a softer, finer and comfortable fabric as it is ideal for your master bedroom. These Egyptian cotton sheet will easily fit on your mattress and will protect your mattress from bacteria and dust mites by giving you the luxurious and comfortable good night sleep. This percale fitted sheet due to 180 thread counts will also add comfort to your sleep and give a rich style to your bedding. These percale fitted sheet are made from the blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester that will allow you to enjoy the softness and durability of this fabric by giving you the comfortable sleep. Enjoy a luxurious sleep with its crisp colors.

These extra deep fitted sheets are the necessary part of your bedding. The elastic on their corners is there to prevent the bottom sheet from coming loose. There are many of us though who often experience restless nights and while these extra deep fitted sheet make it difficult enough comfortable sleep, having the bottom sheet ride that can make the cause of uncomfortable sleep. Now fitted sheets solve this problem in a very effective way. The elastic on their sides hold the sheet in its place and you feel comfortable during the whole night. The amazing quality of our extra deep fitted sheet is that it can easily fit on all sizes of mattress due to its elasticity quality. On the other hand it will protect your mattress from the dust mites and give you to the comfortable and peaceful night sleep.

Our fitted sheet UK will give you a good idea of comfort and the amazing quality of the fabric with Egyptian cotton and polyester which you are looking for. Our fitted sheet UK with 180 thread counts produce a really comfortable silky smooth hand touch fabric that gives you the high living luxurious night sleep.

Are you restless due to the uncomfortable sleep? Now you don’t have need to worry about this in the presence of our fitted sheet UK as it provide the convenience to help you to get a comfortable and peaceful sleep. Our fitted sheets are available in choices of colors and sizes in the market that meets your particular need according to your choice. These fitted sheets are washable you can wash these easily by using your washing machine. These fitted sheets are also suitable for tumble dry and iron.

The cheap fitted sheets are the finest quality sheets. The awesome poly cotton Egyptian fabric provides you the amazing resilience. Our fitted sheets are available in the market in plain dyed vibrant colors that attract the person at first sight. You can receive the concept of originality by using our fitted sheets as it will provide you the luxurious sleep.

Product description:

  • Brand                        High Living
  • Colors                       White, Cream
  • Composition          50% Poly 50%  Egyptian cotton
  • Drying Care             Tumble dry on a low heat setting
  • Ironing Care           Iron on a cool setting
  • Pack                           One fitted Sheet
  • Sizes                          Single 92cm x 190 cm, Double 137 cm x 190cm , King size 152cm x 198 cm
  • Style                           Fitted
  • Fit to Mattress        25 Cm
  • Washing Care         Machine washable

Fitted sheet single

Our single fitted sheet is best choice for your single bed. Egyptian cotton is the world renowned fabric which is the most long lasting fabric as there is no comfortable fabric then the cotton.

Especially during the summer season, cotton provides a comfortable feeling and relaxation that gives you to the luxurious night sleep. Another benefit of Egyptian cotton is that it is the easiest material to care for, easy for washing and drying and you can also iron on low heat.

Fitted sheets are available in different sizes single, double and king size. The price varies according to the size. Our fitted sheets are available in market in fresh plain dyed colors that gives the awesome decent look to your bedding item.

Fitted sheet double

Our fitted sheet double is very important to secure your mattress and dresses up your bedding in a good way. Fitted sheet is the compulsory part of your double bedding as it protects your mattress and gets stain free. Our fitted sheet double is designed according to the modern fashion and its beautiful and delicate stitching style with fine finish appeal the person at first look.

These fitted sheets are designed to provide the convenience to the user against dust mites and allergens. These fitted sheets are the composition of Egyptian cotton and polyester that save your bed from pesticide and increase the life of your mattress. Polyester material is the best material for bedding that gives the shiny look to your bedding.

Fitted sheet king size

If you are restless due to the uncomfortable sleeping now you don’t have need to worry about it in the presence of king size fitted sheet. Our fitted sheets are manufactured by the fabric that is highly breathable and convenient to use. It is also called the tight sheet due to its tightness. The amazing quality of our fitted sheets is that it can be easily fit on all sizes of mattress due to its elasticity quality on the corners of the fitted sheet. Very convenient to put on and take of due to its elasticity quality. Besides everything its beautiful and bright colors make it excellent product.

These fitted sheets are truly delicate in hand touch feeling and also convenient to use. These products are designed for your feasibility and comfortable sleep. So, our high living fitted sheet will bring a light and luxurious feel to your bed room.


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