Highliving ® Basketball size 7 For Indoor Outdoor Trainings



The High Living Rubber Basketball is a premium quality rubber compound basketball ideal for indoor outdoor use. Special rubber grained surface ensures perfect bounce, offers the best adhesion for throwing, passing and dunking.Using high-quality original ecological natural rubber source (non-toxic and harmless) with high strength nylon fibre make it a solid and safe construction, but lightweight for easy transportation.


Manufactured in the world’s leading basketball factory with a high quality multi panel design which gives the ball the best shape retention and flat pebble surface for better fingertip control & consistent backspin.Extended durability coupled with the deep groove channels and the optimal pebble pattern make this the ideal basketball for use in all conditions.


Combination of vibrant, powerful and attractive colours ensure that everyone can find ball that matches your style. Perfect for a present or a Christmas gift.


Approx Weight of the ball: 580-620 Grams. Basketball is shipped in a deflated condition. Needle and pump are not included


High Living is known to for creating top quality products that guarantee Customer satisfaction. If there is any problem or you don’t like the product, you can contact seller for solution, return, Refund and replacement

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