Kitchen Towel

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High living Jacquard designs are woven directly into the fabric for a lasting impression and high end look.  These are woven in both ends of the towels.

This cotton towel is soft and absorbent to gently dry your hands and body.

Made from soft and absorbent pure Egyptian combed cotton material, this patterned towel is soft against your skin for comfortable use, quickly drawing away moisture to leave your hands and body dry. Made in 3 different colors for a welcoming look of warmth, this bathroom towel features a  flower pattern to complement a traditional decor. Available as a kitchen towel for your kitchen. Made with hard wearing properties for long lasting use, this towel is machine washable for convenient cleaning to keep it fresh and welcoming.

Before the weaving process of the High living towels the yarn is dyed separately to the colours of the design, hence it is often called Yarn dyed as well as Jacquard Woven. The loom weaves the fabric using the dyed yarn according to the design created in flowers. Due to the yarn being pre-dyed this technique makes towels more softer and fluffy.

This Jacquard towel is woven by a jacquard loom. The jacquard loom weaves some piles low and the rest at a higher level according to the design created on a computer,hence bringing the accuracy in the design as well.This excellent Check design woven in jacquard gives a comfy look to the towel and suitable for any kitchen.So don’t wait and buy it immediately as this product is long lasting and not easy to tear.

  • Brand              High Living
  • Colours           3 Color, Red,Black,Navy
  • Gsm                  480Gsm
  • Material          100% cotton
  • Drying care   Tumble dry on a low heat setting
  • Ironing care  Not suitable for ironing
  • Pack                 One towel Seprate
  • Pattern            Jacquard Border
  • Size                   KitchenTowel (50cmx50cm)
  • Washing          Machine washable


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