10 Piece Towel Bale Set

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Egyptian cotton is world renowned for its softness, strength and absorbency. Pleasantly weighty and naturally plush, these are the most popular towels for everyday use. Luxury 10 Piece Towel Bale Set made from 100% Egyptian cotton, they give fantastic comfort, absorbency and durability due to their finer yarn and superior fabric. As with all cotton, the threads take time to ‘settle’ and washing the fabric increases it’s performance.

This range consists of 10 vibrantly rich colors to match your particular theme.
1.Cream 2.Duck Egg 3.Aqua 4.Sand 5.Pale Green 6.Muted Lilac 7.Grey 8.Chocolate 9.Teal 10.Burgundy 11.White 12.Black

Towel Sets:
4 Face Towels
4 Hand Towels
2 Bath Towels

Towel Sizes:
Face Towels (28cmx28cm)
2 Hand Towels (50cmx80cm)
2 Bath Towels (70cmx115cm)

Wash with similar colours
Machine washable at 40°C
Wash Dark colors seprately
Do not Iron
Do not dry Clean

A towel is a very personal item, these days it is possible to find a variety of options. Our towel bale meets all your needs regarding towel, basically it is a complete set of 10 piece towel set ,4 face towels,4 hand towels and two bath towels. One of the best features of this towel bale it that it is more durable than others. The basic reason to make this choice is that it has cotton rich quality with 100% cotton Egyptian. It should be warm and clean at the same time.

Some towels can be made from abrasive material that is not good for your skin. So, our cotton Egyptian towel bale made from 100% cotton made from hypo-allergenic material, which will feel a lot more comfortable and have anti-bacterial, anti-allergen and anti-fungal qualities for your better hygiene and better protection.

Hand towel is a small convenient towel which is normally kept near a sink in a bathroom for your family members and for your guests to dry their hands on. It is less awkward to handle than a large towel and also it takes small spaces surrounding a sink.

Buying our quality towel bale will also save your money in the long run by giving you to the top level of comfort and soft hand feeling due to its cotton rich quality. Cheaper towels tend to wear faster, they tend to fall after some months. So, you should use our cotton Egyptian towel bale which is first class quality.

Now a days bath towel forms an important part of our life. In fact, many homes tend to have it in good numbers. Bath towels are mainly used to dry the skin and hairs after taking the shower. Now towels are necessarily needed by all households, for your family and guests to dry the hairs and face after taking bath. You can get our cotton Egyptian 10 piece towel bale set in a wide range of colors and designs. You can give stylish look to your bathroom by using our towel bale set.

Face cloths are frequently used for removing the makeup and to dry the face. Its smooth touch feeling gives you the soft feel without any allergen problem due to its cotton rich quality. A quality towel is the one that is able to dry the hands and body without creating any problem of scrub. Despite the wide range of towels available in the market from all over the world, there are still few which are considered the best. Our cotton Egyptian towel bale are one of them, which gives you the smooth hand touch feeling and complete comfort.

Our cotton Egyptian towel bale will be a luxury towel set with its soothing color scheme and patterns generally helps you to décor your bathroom. It is available in multifarious colors scheme, which dresses up your bathroom and make it a great treat for your eyes.

Our cotton Egyptian towel bale set is available in the market in 12 vibrant colors. These colors are cream, duck egg, aqua, sand, pale green, muted lilac, grey, chocolate, teal, burgundy, white and black.

Towel sets:

4 face towels

4 hand towels

2 bath towels

These cotton Egyptian towels can be machine washable. You can easily wash it by using your washing machine, but one you should must kept in mind before washing the towels that wash the towels with similar colors and wash the dark colors separately otherwise the colors gets fade. This will give you the comfort and durability with its fine yarn and good fabric. You cannot dry clean and iron this cotton Egyptian towel bale.

Why Egyptian bath towels are the best

Egyptian towels are made from Egyptian cotton, it is a type of cotton which has especially long staples. Which described about the quality of the fiber and how long they are the better absorbent quality? As its name tells that it is sourced from Egypt specially that why we call it Egyptian cotton. Our towel bale 10 piece is made from Egyptian yarn. Moreover, the long staples of the towel made from Egyptian cotton also allow them to be especially soft and plush looking. These two qualities of the Egyptian cotton towel add up to the luxurious feeling .That is why our cotton Egyptian towels are preferred from the others for high living. Our cotton Egyptian towels considered to be the best for luxuriousness and absorbency. Our cotton Egyptian is also considered the best towels for health due to its special cotton Egyptian quality. These towels can be dry fast, as it is the important quality of the towel if your bath towel dries up quickly there would be minimum chances of any kind of nasty odor. So, due to its fast drying capabilities it should be your best choice in towels. Another thing should be must kept in mind whenever you looking out for the towel set that it should be hypoallergenic. A high quality towel is hypoallergenic that implies that it should not cause any kind of irritation or infection when you use it.Our cotton Egyptian towel bale is made from anti-bacterial and anti-allergen material. The above characteristics not only determine the quality of your towel but also play an important role in the performance of the towel.

Our towel sets 10 piece gives you the fantastic comfort and durability due to its fantastic yarn quality. All towels are measured with GSM (gram per square meter).Towels with lower GSM are lighter in weight and thinner and the towels with higher GSM are heavier and thicker. So, GSM matters a lot in the quality of the towel. The look and the feel of the towel depend on the cotton which you used for. Our Egyptian cotton considered the best cotton due to its softer and plush touch. Towels made from this cotton are more moisture absorbing. This cotton Egyptian towel bale gives your bathroom the most luxurious look when it is fully stocked with our fluffy and crisp colors range. It is always best to wash the new towels separately so that they don’t lose their color and retain the softness of the towel as it is.It is best to wash the new towels before you use that gives you to the extra absorbing quality.


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