HighLiving® Memory Foam Baby Cot Super Soft Pillow


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High Living memory foam baby pillow is the only pillow that has been to protect the shape of your baby’s soft head and helps reduce the effects of Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly). This comfortable and luxurious pillow has the added benefit of softness which will draw away pressure from baby head. The pillow has a removable, washable cover.


Specifically engineered for babies, these pillows reduced the pressure on baby’s head by 50%, while providing 80% more support. The tests also found that the pillows profile is sufficiently low and the material is not too stiff, the baby’s head will be allowed to rest in a natural position that does not restrict the airways.

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Blue, Pink


High Living


48cm (L) 33cm (W) 3.5cm (D)

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