Poly Cotton Percale Duvet Cover Sets



Poly Cotton Percale Duvet Cover Sets

The Plain Dyed Bedding is a new collection in Highliving range with a 180 thread count, the percale weave of this fabric with the  long staple yarn of Egyptian Cotton fibre give this simple bed linen a soft, smooth hand feel and a fresh  finish. Percale is a fine weave with a minimum of 180 threads per square inch, resulting in a softer, finer and more luxurious fabric.These Finest Egyptian cotton duvet covers will make you extra comfort .These duvet cover is plain dyed in 8 colors and our colors are very bright to make you feel fresh.The duvet covers are packed  individually in a excellent form.Our Percale duvet covers are Easy care and will definitely provide you comfort and luxury.

 Highliving  very Soft Poly cotton Dyed duvet covers are made from a blend of polyester and Egyptian cotton woven into a fine percale quality. With a 180 thread count, Our High Living Duvet covers offer a  quality that is smooth, comfortable and highly durable for your daily use.

Our Highliving Duvet covers need minimum  ironing due to their easy-care finish.

  • 50/50 Poly/Cotton
  • 180 thread count
  • Plain  
  • Machine Wash 40°C
  • Single Size 137 cm x 198 cm, Duvet Cover +1 Pillow 46 cm x 74 cm + 13 cm Flap
  • Double Size 198 cm x 198 cm, Duvet Cover +2 Pillow 46 cm x 74 cm + 13 cm Flap
  • King Size 229 cm x 218 cm, Duvet Cover +2 Pillow 46 cm x 74 cm + 13 cm Flap

What does a man need after a stressful day at work, a good and comfortable sleep? Now a day the life of a man is too much busy and this busy life style leaves a little time for rest and as well as for peaceful sleep. Due to these issued they don’t have the proper rest or sleep and it leaves to various health problems which create problems in our daily life routine. These factors of uncomfortable causes problems like body aches. Headache and others. A good night sleep is a piece of pleasure for the busiest peoples.t is not always the stress that poses difficulty in sleep it can be the bed one sleep also. So, your bed and other associating items play an important role for your comfort and good night sleep. A sound sleep bed is the one that have firm mattress, soft pillows and comfortable duvet covers. Our poly cottonpercale duvet covers gives you the luxurious comfort of sleep and also avoid you from the health issues like back aches and pain.

Poly cotton percale duvet covers set is a new collection in high living range. Percale is a fine weave with a smooth and luxurious fabric. These duvet covers have 180 thread counts per square inch. Thread counts matters a lot in the quality of the fabric, more the quantity of the thread counts better the quality of the fabric. These percale duvet covers with minimum 180 thread counts gives you the extra comfortable feeling with soft and smooth hand touch.

These duvet covers are composition of 50% polyester and 50% cotton that are comfortable and highly durable for your daily life. Our duvet covers are available in plain dyed in 8 colors and this light color gives your bed room the brighter touch and fresh feeling. These duvet covers are available in baby pink, baby blue, white, cream, black, lemon, navy and red colors. Our light colors dresses up your bedding in a very peaceful and comfortable look.

Our Modern duvet covers are washable, you can easily wash it by using your washing machine. It will never shrink even after the machine washing, On the other hand its quality becomes better and better on every wash.Our percale duvet covers are easy care and will definitely provide you the comfort and luxury life style by giving you the high living range of our duvet covers.

These percale duvet covers are non-allergenic and help to maintain your body temperature at an even level and keep you away from the humidity. So, for enjoying the cold nights for your child and for your own sake, Poly cotton percale duvet cover set should score high points.

Our Polly cotton duvet covers available in the market in choice of sizes, these can be washable and you can also ironing on cool settings.

  • 50% polyester,50% cotton
  • Easy care
  • 180 thread count
  • Sizes: single, double and king size
  • Machine washable
  • Plain
  • Ironing on cool setting
  • Tumble dry on low heat

When you feeling tired then definitely you wish to lie down in your bed room and have a sound and peaceful sleep by forgetting the tiredness. So here is the awesome idea for your desired particular needs of sound sleep are the best duvet covers. They are making in a way to easily cover your body in a good and comfortable way by handle your body mass.Our duvet cover and pillow set dresses up your bedding in beautiful and luxury style that you could never imagine such. These covers look better than the common simple covers. So, here we know that what can be the best for your body and also for your eyes. For that purpose there are a wide range of our Poly cotton percale duvet covers. Everyone wants to be the fresh and novel, and the outdated is unbearable. So, we are here to providing you your best choice product to meet your particular needs, you can choose what you like. These inexpensive duvet covers made from an excellent quality and that material is really long lasting. You can also gift it to others for your family friends and also for your relatives as in a very cheaper rate and fine quality material. This will long last and will also make your memory to long lasting in the mind of the person, whom you will gift these covers. They are washable and give you the feeling of nice colorful dreams.

Colors matters a lot in the life of a person and you will purchase the whole set of the covers which is matching and it will give your bedding the cool look. These duvet covers available in awesome range of colors hope you enjoy with these colors. These Polly cotton percale duvet covers will make your room look more gorgeous and you will also feel better being there. These percale duvet covers available in multifarious sizes in the market according to your needs following are the sizes of these duvet covers:

Duvet cover single

This single percale duvet cover is suitable for your single bed that meets all your particular needs regarding bedding. At the same time these have additional advantages, you can machine wash and dry them quickly; These Poly cotton duvet covers are feel lighter in weight than other duvet covers. Our percale duvet covers gives you the comfortable and peaceful sleep and you will definitely enjoy this luxurious fabric with 180 thread counts. So, if you want to change your bedding and give it a new look, but not the hassle, then our duvet cover are certainly the best choice. Duvet covers are nothing but a fashion name for a comforter cover.

  • Duvet cover + 1 pillows

Duvet cover double

Our double duvet cover is also available for double bed with 2 pillow covers. Bed room is an important place for every one so it should be modernized and durable. It should be well maintained so it will grab the attention of your guests and any other people. Our duvet covers gives the new style to your bedding item. Its a quick way to dressed up your bedding in a very stylish way, these high living soft Polly cotton duvet covers are made from a blend of polyester and cotton, with 50% polyester and 50% cotton. Our Poly cotton percale duvet covers offers a quality that is comfortable, peaceful and smooth hand feeling and highly durable for daily use.

  • Duvet cover + 2 pillows

Duvet cover king size

These Polly cotton percale king size duvet cover is suitable for your king size bed. Usually people ignore to maintain the bed room as it remains unseen and their focus is on the drawing room, living room and kitchen but they should not forget the fact that bed room works as a stress releasing for you. So, you should must conscious about the decorating your bed room. If your bed room is decorating beautifully you definitely feel comfortable for peaceful night sleep. The plain dyed bedding is a new collection in high living range with minimum 180 thread counts. The finest quality of these duvet covers gives you an extra comfort with its delicate stitching style and fine finishing.

  • Duvet cover + 2 pillows


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