Terry Waterproof Mattress Protector


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Terry waterproof mattress protector with  terry layering is available for online sale.

our new terry waterproof mattress protector give extra comfort and luxury to your home . Available in single,double,king,Super king,bunker bed,4 feet and crib sizes our protector has a terry toweling surface with waterproof back and with a breathable and bacteria-resistant polyurethane backing ensures it’s waterproof, anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and very comfortable

Our Protector are Non-noisy and give a luxurious feelings.These protectors are long lasting and Non-Allergic.

At High living we prefer to protect you along with your family.  Our Mattress protector will Protect you  from dust mites, bacteria, allergens, mould, , and bed bugs. We had developed our special mattress protectors. Approximately every night while sleep a normal human body release 1 litre of body fluids.  So this shows that  mattresses and pillows that are not protected  creates daily the perfect  ground of production for bacteria, mould and dust mites  which can leads to  asthma, sneezing, and eczema rhinitis. Our products are made of fabrics and Terry with fluffy and soft touch. With our products you can feel relax and protected from all the diseases.

All our protectors are high end quality products and we do not compromise on the quality and your health.

  • Brand     High Living
  • Color      White
  • Composition Cover 80% cotton, 20% polyester, Skirt 65% polyester, 35% cotton
  • Back 100% polyurethane
  • Drying instructions  Line dry
  • Ironing instructions Not suitable for ironing
  • Material Polyester/Cotton
  • Pack size One mattress protector
  • Sizes available Single 90cmx190cm+33cm , Double 137cm x 200cm+33cm
  •  Kingsize 152cm x 200+33cm,Super King 182cmx200cm+33cm ,Bunk bed 76cmx 190cm+33cm ,4 Foot 122cmx190cm+33cm
  • Washing instructions Machine washable

Please note: This product is subject to stock availability.

You spent a third of your life in bed so you need to have choosing the best quality mattress protector that will keep you away from all health problems causing due to the low quality mattress protector. However, terry waterproof mattress protector is best choice that it will keep you away from the dust mites, bed bugs, allergens, bacteria and other nestles from infesting your bedding.

Terry towel water proof mattress protector is the most common mattress available in the market.it is usually come in fitted style have an absorbent terry towel top and waterproof membrane backing. This is a much thinner protector than the quilted mattress protector as it has no filling, made for mattress and pillows.it will protect the top surface of the mattress. Terry toweling waterproof mattress protector prevents your bedding from absorbing the liquids and any other absorbent material thus keeping your mattress and pillows stain free, If you have a problem of incontinence and bed wetting then terry waterproof mattress protector are the best choice for you. Mattresses are also susceptible to many other contaminants. Protect a bed mattress protector keep away the mattress from contaminants by securing it from absorbing the body excretions such as sweat or other liquids resulting from your body.

Mattresses of all sizes are available in the market to suit your particular needs. Whether it be to protect from bed bugs, dust mites, bacteria or just a piece of mind to knowing that your bedding is hygienic and stain free.

The terry mattress protector is best for the whole family for infants and for the old age people.it is needed for the promotion a healthier and hygienic lifestyle. Terry waterproof mattress protector is 100% pesticide free and keeps your body away from the allergies, bacteria, asthma, dust mites and other skin problems. It maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Anti-allergy mattress protector is designed to prevent the growth of bacteria, dust mites and bed bugs through the removal of fungi, which support their environment. Every day the human body loses a liter of fluids and other body liquids through the skin and through the body pores and mouth, as well as skin flakes. They all are absorbs into the mattress when you are sleeping or lying on the mattress. Most of the peoples also have a perspiration problem, for all that problem have one solution the only one terry toweling water proof mattress protector which meets all your problems, because it is water resistant and it prevents all the liquids that absorbing into the mattress by giving you a stain free and healthier sleep for whole night.

Hypoallergenic mattress cover will keep you away from the any type of allergy problems who have the sensitive skin because it is made from hypoallergenic material that keeps you away from the side effects and chemical odours.It will also keep you from the exacerbate heat retention and will give you the comfortable and peaceful sleep. You can get them in fitted or strapped style. So, you don’t need to worry about the bedding problems in the presence of our hypoallergenic mattress cover that it will keeps you from all the things that causing health problems. Every day our body releases a large amount of skin flakes and other liquids that causes due to the perspiration and due to the open pores of our body all of them absorbs into the mattress and the mattress will become sticky due to the liquids and we feel hesitate to using the sticky and wet mattress. In this situation our waterproof mattress protector will meets all your needs regarding bedding by giving you the excellent soothing effect.

Terry mattress protector for bed wetting will keep you from the bed wetting problem because it is water proof mattress protector. People who have suffer from incontinence problem or urinary problem, they need to use our terry mattress protector for bed wetting. This is the perfect protector if you have bed wetting problem. Commonly in old ages people have this bed wetting problem so the terry waterproof mattress protector is best choice for them. As it will give you the comfortable sleep by forgetting all the worries about incontinence. Our waterproof mattress protector is suitable for your whole family for infants and as well as for adults due to its water repellent quality. It is very convenient to use just because of the protector cover.

When you are looking out for mattress there is some criteria that must take into consideration before you make your purchase, because the mattress affects the quality of your sleep, so you have to make the right decision to meet your particular needs.Thats why it is important to choose the high quality mattress, In this situation best water proof mattress protector is the best choice for all your bed relating problems. Terry toweling mattress protector prolong the life of your mattress and hygiene for bedding, they can also add a little more comfort to your hard bad. Most importantly, good quality mattress protector allows your mattress to keep in the best condition due to its water repellent quality. Terry toweling waterproof mattress protector keeps you away the worries of allergens problems. Doctors recommend to the patient to use the waterproof mattress protectors who have the problem of allergy, asthma and other skin problems. This waterproof mattress protector will keep your mattress away from the dust mites, bed bugs and all other bed relating problems.

The amazing quality of terry toweling mattress protector is that it is waterproof mattress protector, which keeps you away the bedwetting problem if you are suffer from incontinence problem. Mattresses are expensive so if you suffer from incontinence problem there is very real possibility of ruining your investment that you have spent on the mattress. The solution of this problem is a quality mattress. Terry toweling mattress protector is the best choice mattress for your whole family, for infants and adults who are the sufferer of bedwetting or incontinence problems.it gives you the comfortable and tension free good sleep.

Selecting a mattress for your child

Terry toweling water proof mattress protector provides a good night sleep which is necessary for anyone to perform well the whole day, let alone a growing child, they need a comfortable mattress to meet their sleeping requirements.

Usually for the Child's it is easy to fall in the idea that the cheaper is the best choice for them, because most of the Child's have the incontinence problem or bed wetting problem, Even though for an affordable amount there are more than one superior options. In any case for your own sake and for your child, don’t buy the cheapest things, its not the deal its cracked up to be. So terry toweling waterproof mattress is best choice for your child it is water repellent mattress that keeps you away from the worries of incontinence and bed wetting problems by giving your babies the healthier life with peaceful nights.

Following are the benefits that you enjoy by using the terry mattress protector:

  • Overall the best blend of comfort, support and affordability is the terry toweling waterproof mattress protector having
  • Very soft feeling
  • Good support
  • Pressure relief
  • Heat resistant
  • Liquid repellent
  • Machine washable

Terry mattress protector- single

Waterproof mattress protector single features an absorbent cotton terry toweling sleep surface, which is perfect for moderate accidents and spills, protecting from allergens, dust mites bed bugs and bacteria. Terry toweling waterproof mattress protector have an amazing feature of breathability, you feel comfortable by using it.It is best for the single beds, Secured by elasticated skirt, ensures an easy fuss-free fit.

Terry toweling waterproof mattress protector creating no noise when one partner taking side during the sleep. You can use it anywhere in the hotel sector and or for your own home.

  • Single terry mattress protector
  • High quality terry toweling
  • Waterproof mattress protector
  • Care instructions- machine washable
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Silent night mattress protector

Terry toweling waterproof mattress protector-double

Never use a new mattress and pillow without the mattress cover as terry mattress protector double absorbs the liquids and dust mites and get stained very quickly. For this purpose you should have to need to use the water proof terry toweling mattress as it is waterproof so it will keep your mattress away from absorbing the liquids, bacteria and dust mites.

Terry toweling waterproof mattress protector have a terry toweling top. These protectors only protect the top side of the mattress but will prevent liquid stains and dust from penetrating the top surface. .These mattresses are the best for the double bed. You can use the terry toweling waterproof mattress protector for the hotel sector and also for your own home. It fulfills all your particular needs regarding comfortable night sleep.

Terry toweling waterproof mattress protector is best choice for your whole family members you can use it for infants and as well as for adults who are suffering from incontinence or bed wetting problem. So as soon as you buy a new mattress or pillows always fit a water proof mattress protector on it straight away.Dont take any risk.


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