Weight Lifting Bodybuilding Gloves


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  • High Living gym weightlifting gloves are manufactured with Lycra Fabric that has a history to deliver better for tractability, tear and crack resistance. This makes this product more rigorous in training and last for a very long time. Lycra material is weatherproof, soft and comfortable. It helps you a great deal when you go for weightlifting, Power lifting, rowing, cycling, calisthenics, strength training and more.


  • These powerlifting gloves are made with rubberized grip throughout the palm for improved grip and snug hold. This exclusive rubber material makes you feel more natural while making the fist and preventing the fabric from bunching up uneasily in your hand. 3mm cushioning assists your palm and fingers against any bar or lifting rod during workouts.


  • These High Living lifting gloves for men/women are prepared with Soft inner moisture wicking fabric which enhances breathability. The soft fabric assists in enhanced ventilation that keeps the palm dry. The skin remains fresh, pleasant and odor free while maintaining a firm grip.


  • ¬†Half Finger Gloves design is equally good for a host of outdoor activities from driving, barbell, dumbbell, rowing, weightlifting, tug-of-war, and various kinds of sports fitness. They allow more flexibility and stretchiness while opting for specific weightlifting moves. Further, half finger design offers added natural grip.


  • Our weight-lifting gloves are fully adjustable and easy to put on and take off by using quick hook-and-loop strap along with pull-tabs for swift removal. This backs you to concentrate more on exercise and fitness instead of fiddling around with your gloves during your drill hours.
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