Zero Twist Towels



High Living Zero Twist Towels are one of the softest types of towel you can buy. The yarns are twisted because this gives fabrics extra strength and heavily-twisted yarns are particularly strong and will give u feel of comfort.

High Living Zero Twist Towels are naturally soft. Coming out of the bath or shower is no longer a chore when using these products because the fabric glides effortlessly and warmly around your body.

Washing of High Living towels is not an issue. On a gentle setting, they can easily be machine washed and tumble dried, meaning that the soft luxury of these towels can be provided every day due to their easy and fast maintenance.

High Living Zero Twist Towels, although absorbent, do not just soak up moisture. They feel as if they simply remove and dissipate moisture from your skin, preventing that feeling of rubbing damp cloth over yourself you get from inferior ‘Zero Twist’ towels.

Our zero twist cotton sheets dry quicker after use than regular twisted fibre towel , and can be easily machine washed, making them a practical indulgence for daily use.

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  • Brand          High Living
  • Colours      5 colour, Golden, Beige, Green, Cream, Grey
  • Material     100% cotton
  • Drying        Tumble dry on a medium heat setting
  • Ironing       Iron on a medium sett
  • Pack            One towel
  • Pattern       Plain dyed zero twist
  • Sizes            Hand Towel(50cm x 90cm)Bath Sheet(70cmx130cm)Extra Bath sheet(100cmx150cm)
  • Washing    Machine washable
  • Weight       450gsm


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