Zipped Terry Waterproof Pillow Protectors

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These High Living ® 100% cotton pile terry pillow protectors have a discreet polyurethane backing which makes them undetectable under your usual bedding. The soft terry towelling is slightly absorbent and keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Machine washable at 90 deg.C these terry pillow protectors are a and cool tumble dried, this is a stylish way to protect your valuable pillows from accidents and spills. Amazing quality the High Living® range of terry pillow protectors all have zipped bottoms to ensure great fit, they are easy to fit and care for.

Terry waterproof pillow protector are :


Non Noisy

Anti Allergy

Anti Bacterial

Anti Dust Mite

Washable at 90c

Approximately every night while sleeping a normal human body release 1 liter of body fluids. So this shows that pillows that are not protected . Terry Waterproof Mattress Protector creates daily the perfect ground of production for bacteria, mould and dust mites which can leads to asthma, sneezing, and eczema rhinitis. Our Terry Waterproof zipped pillow Protector are made of Terry with fluffy and soft touch with a miracle membrane. Which makes a soft,quite and breathable barrier between human body and the mattress.

Composition :Terry cloth with Polyurethane barrier.
Back 100% polyurethane
Drying instructions Line dry
Ironing instructions Not suitable for ironing
Material Cotton
Pack size 2 zipped pillow protector
Sizes available 19″x29″,

Washing instructions Machine washable of 90c, However 30c Wash Recommended for long life.Terry Waterproof Zipped Pillow Protector are essential part of daily life, without it people start to suffer from allergens and dust mite, which are the cause for a lot of diseases and allergies , so Terry Waterproof Mattress Protector stop itchy feeling and sneezing.


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