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Our weighted blanket is designed with “Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation” theory, suitable for adult and children to improve your sleeping quality, relieve anxiety, stress, insomnia, help to calm down etc. 100% comfortable cover, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic glass beads to leave pressure on your body evenly, stimulate each stress point. It helps to relax the nerve system by simulating the feeling of being hugged or held and make you fall asleep fast. Choose our weighted blanket to give you a firm hug in your dream.

☞Who needs a Weighted blanket?
☛Adults also have their weaknesses. For example, insomnia has become a major problem in people’s lives. An adult’s weighted blanket helps you regain a healthy sleep, mental and physical balance, restore proper functioning of the body, deal with pain, anxiety, insomnia and memory problems. It is perfect to hug your back at night, also it can be used while reading, relaxing, or meditating.
Conditions that might benefit from weighted blankets include:
▪Anxiety▪Restless Leg Syndrome▪ADHD▪Autism Spectrum Disorder
▪Sensory Processing Disorder

☞What is a Weighted Blanket?
☛The weighted blanket used to be a medical product,which has been used as a natural stress reliever. It has been used in the medical communities for years, and recently the measurable health benefits have been indicated by several scientific studies..
On the one hand, the weighted blanket has been shown to increase serotonin and melatonin, the hormones responsible for calming relaxation, while decreasing cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress. This natural, physiological approach decreases heart rate, blood pressure, and more, improving mood and promoting restful sleep and relaxation. On the other, Through even weight distribution, the warm weighted blanket is a medical product that stimulates deep-seated receptors, which is important for the development and proper function of the human body. The sensory blanket provides a unique massage experience through compression, which induces relaxation, tranquility, dissipates obtrusive thoughts and fears, and prepares the body for night regeneration.

☞Is the material of this blanket safe?
☛Guaranteed quality and guaranteed safety. The cloth is made from 100% selected fabric, ensuring the blanket is soft, comfortable and healthy. The blankets are filled with hypoallergenic glass micro-beads with a diameter of 0.9-1.1 mm. And these beads are durable, hypoallergenic, odorless and non-toxic.

☞Is this blanket convenient to use?
☛The gridded stitching ensures the weighted blanket’s internal beads remain uniformly distributed to keep the weight properly distributed. The blanket comes with several fixed ropes, which is convenient for you to keep your favorite quilt cover in place,not easy to slip.
It is recommended to purchase a removable cover, so that you just need to clean the cover. Of course, If you want to wash gravity blankets directly, you can wash them by washing machine with a low, gentle setting, mild detergent.
NOTE: The blanket can’t be dried by machine. It need to be aired dry.

☞How to choose the right weighted blanket?☛Choose the weight of the blanket, 7%-12% of your body weight. Usually 10% of your body weight. If you are between weights, we recommend choosing the heavier weight.
NOTE:1.Please don’t use it on your little ones or people who can’t move the heavy blanket themselves
2.Choosing a weighted blanket is based on each individual’s need, pls choose according to your own needs.

☺The first positive effects can already occur after a few days. However, it can take several weeks until the body can become used to the weighted blanket. Give yourself a little time!

Cover:Soft Mik Fabrics
Color: Grey
Filler Material: Glass Beads, Polyester Fiber
Three Size are available:
Medium :122X185CM /48” x 72”(L x W)6.8kg/15 lbs
Large :152X203CM /60” x 80”(L x W)9kg/20 lbs

Package Includes:
1 x Weighted Blanket(without removable cover)

Additional Information

Large 152cm x 203cm, Medium 122cm x 183cm

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