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Embroidered Towels

Embroidered towels are an essential investment for everyone. There has always been something special about them. In many admirable homes you will find a set of embroidered towels gracing the strategically placed towel rack of a very luxurious bathroom.However, what exactly is so special about these towels? What makes them better than any other towel? Read on to see our top three reasons why embroidered towels are the best!

They’re classic

Yes, we’ve said it! They are classic and say what you may, but one never argues with classic! Classic spells sophistication and class. Investing in classic items is also a big sign of “I am an adult now, yes, a complete adult”. Perhaps most of us will never truly grow up, but we usually want our homes to somewhat resemble a place where grownups live, occasionally. So go grab a pair of embroidered towels and never have your sophistication or humble abode judged again!

They make great gifts

Embroidered towels comes in many styles, sizes and colours. So do people. See what we are going for here? Pick a person, pick a towel and voila, you now have more time left to shop for your own gifts! In all seriousness, there really is an embroidered towel out there for everyone. You can pick between interesting patterns, pictures or letters. This makes choosing a personal gift a little easier and even fun once you start imagining what towel will suit which person! Whatever you choose, never give your hubby, dad or brother towels with any girly patterns! And remember, it still counts as a gift, even if it is for yourself!


They last longer

This is not a cold, hard fact but most embroidered towels last longer than their less expensive counterparts do. This is because embroidered towels are usually made of more esteemed fibres such 100% cotton or bamboo. The best way to ensure your towels will last longer is to make sure that the fibres used in the towels are not blended with synthetic fibres. For cotton towels, make sure that the cotton used if of the long-staple variety.

So there you have it, next time you go towel shopping, be sure to visit the embroidered section and see if they have a towel with your name – or a pattern that resembles your personality – on it!

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