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Toweling Dressing Gowns

Toweling dressing gown doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue; possibly a carefully constructed organization of key words, designed to optimize website content in such a way that search engines spiders will take notice. Everyone has read an article that didn’t seem to make any sense, the same words out of context, repeated over and over again. Some read on, curious as to why anyone would write such a garbled mess, and further why anyone would then consider the garbled mess good enough to post on their website. The phrase may sound strange to some; leaving one with the feeling they were duped into clicking the link that sent them to this article by a crafty wordsmith; though one would be wrong. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and try it… Google the phrase Toweling Dressing Gown. Surprised by what you’ve found? There really is such a thing, and quite a poplar thing judging by the amount of search results returned. Pages and pages filled with websites promoting what looks to be a robe made from towels. So what exactly is the allure of this product, and who in the world would buy one? Still interested Read on eager mind, read on.

Toweling dressing gowns are essentially a robe made from the same soft absorbent material as the towel you dry yourself off with every time you step out of the shower. Commonly the material is a type of textile called “terry.” Terry is made from cotton, and is known by its trademark loops that help to give it the moisture absorbent qualities that make is so effective at drying one off when they are wet. Cotton is also a very soft material, making it optimal for close contact with the skin. There are of course different grades and varying degrees of quality in the terry cotton material that is used to make the comfortable, water absorbing toweling and robes. Typical the higher the quality, the softer and more absorbent the finished product will be. Cotton is of course not the only  material used to make dressing gowns, or robes, though it is almost excessively used in the manufacturing of toweling dressing gowns.


These practical towel/robe hybrids come in multiple colors and designs, ranging from the pure white that is familiar to many who have spent any amount of time in hotels, to wild, bright colors like pink and yellow. Though the general design of these useful wearable’s remains similar no matter what manufacture or retailer you utilize, there are some subtle differences in style that should be noted. Most all toweling dressing gowns will have a general robe like structure, which is open in front with sleeves and a belt like apparatus to keep the gown from slipping off. Where the differences are most noticeable are in the length and cut of the item. While some retain a conservative look and feel that robes traditionally resemble, there are risqué options available for those who want to cover a little less skin.

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